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What does the name ’Foody’ cover?

It covers crunchy potatochips, crackers, pretzels, toasts, tasty fruitnectars plus irresistable candies, chocolates and different sorts of sweets specialities. With love from Baja.

But what is Foody-Product Kft?

Foody Market Diszkont firm was established in 2000 and it was dealing with developing of distribution several food products. In 2011 this firm was overtaken by Foody Product Kft. which expanded the operation and sortiment by producing own brand products.

At present days we are representing 8 foreign companies as exclusive distributors in Hungarian market, and some of these also in neigbouring countries: Slovakia and Romania. The whole operation involves distribution of products, both of partner supplier companies and own brand products produced under logo of our key customers. Beside our foreign producer partners we are representating Hungarian producers as well towards our key clients. Our sortiment consists of products of our suppliers, own brand products of our key clients and our own brand products under our Foody logo.

Our operation covers:


Foody Product Kft. is distributing more than 100 products on the whole territory of Hungary. Our customers and key suppliers are regularly visited by our sales representatives. The majority of products are sold to international and local chains, furthermore we are delivering to the all significant wholesalers in the country.


Our distributing activity is added by warehousing. We possess an own warehouse, the in- and outstoring are proceeding following the FIFO regulation. We are storing mainly our products in the warehouse, additionally we let out some place for rent. The premises are suitable for storing both dry products and for goods to be temperated. Furthermore, our company deals with purchasing food ingredients, arranging producement and supplying our partners with raw materials.

And what are we very proud of?

Of our appreciated customers*:

*a teljesség igénye nélkül.

and of our supplier partners*:

*but are not limited to.

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Cracking potato chips, crackers and rusks, juicy fruit nectars and irresistible candy, chocolates and various desserts.

6500 Baja, Keleti krt. 17.

Tel.: 06 79 520 120
Fax: 06 79 520 121


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