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The below regulation refers to cookies used on www.foody-product.hu website – furtherly website – governed by Foody Product Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small file of letters and numbers (including - but not excusively – text files) that are downloaded on to your computer (or other web-compatible device, like smartphone, tablet) when you visit a website. Cookies are created by the webserver itself with the help of the browser programme on the user’s computer where they are stored in a separate file.The browser sends the content of the cookies to the server at each visit, thus the website can be later downloaded followed by the settings of the user with the respect of whole anonimity.

What is the target of using cookies?

Mainly, it targets to improve the performance, to provide a consistent, tailor-made and accurate service to the user. Besides, cookies can be used to make complex, anonymous statistics to make us to distinguish individual browsers’ using habits of our website visitors and enable us to improve of the structure and content of our sites. The information collected this way is anonymous, we use them exclusively to improve our websites.

Types of cookies

Our company uses two types of cookies: session cookies and fixed cookies. Session cookies are temporary, they are removed from your browser when your session ends.You do not need to take any action to remove them. How long fixed cookies remain on your device depends on their life length and the settings of your browser, or they remain till the user removes them manually from the device..Cookies generated by a 3rd partner via links embedded in our pages are out of our control, their usage is according to the partner’s regulation.

Data protection declaration

Data, collected by the cookies are used barely to improve our service and to manage and identify the user as an unique that way that the data are not given to a 3rd party and remain inaccessible for them.

Clearing cookies

Most internet browser has basic setting to accept using cookies.You may change these settings in order to block cookies or to receive warning of the types of cookies that are used on the website you are visiting. You can manage your cookie usage through your browsers settings or with your mobile devices you may need to refer to vendor manuals. Please, note that disabling or restricting cookies may impact some parts of the website and they will stop working properly.

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